View of all three arches looking from the family room.  
In the lower right corner is my beautiful, loving Tiana.
Entrance from the family room towards the kitchen.  The way I do it; I take measurements and I make a template. I then cut through the wall with a
reciprocating saw, then I add to the existing structure the missing parts which I first measure and cut to the exact size using the template.
Entrance from dining room to the kitchen.  
My camera failed and only took black and white.
Archway after.   
Finished archway.
Finished archway, wider and about two feet taller.  
It opened up the space so beautifully!
The entrances between the living room, kitchen and family room were square with the corners cut.  I wanted arches instead, and I wanted
them as wide and tall as possible as I love open living areas.  The final 'After' pictures I will add when everything will be complete.  

Living room towards the dinning room entrance.