On this living room wall I wanted something attractive that didn't project much because I like clear and open
areas. I decided to do three illuminated arches with half columns and a water fountain in the middle.
I made the structure on the floor out of 2"x4" studs.  Once I finished the structure (because I had no one to
help me) I placed a stud against the wall, then I brought the structure and I laid it on top of the stud.
I screwed the structure onto the studs located in the wall. On the wall studs that did not align with my
structure I screwed pieces of 2x4s, and I screwed my structure on the 2x4 pieces from the top.
I did not afford columns so I bought PVC pipe which I split in two. I used the text on the column as
guide, then I marked the other side measuring half way from the text. One has to be very careful
when cutting PVC with a grinder as the grinder has the tendency to suddenly slide.
First coat of compound. Once dry, it gets sanded, then another coat or two of compound applied, as
needed for a smooth surface.
On the edges I stapled plastic corner beading.
The project so far.
View with the lights on. I also installed a rope ligh on top.
Wires connected and the light fixture in place
Making the holes.
I like to use these under-cabinet light fixtures because you can remove the upper trim and insert them into
the drywall.
View from underneath.
The drywall I cut on the floor that I screwed it onto the studs.
Fountain, columns, medallion, rosettes, crown, all installed, then caulked, primed, top coated and faux-finished.
I cut each piece cut in two as I needed half caps.
I bought these flower pot columns strictly for the caps. I used the reciprocating saw to cut them off the column.
Here they are.
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