I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.  Philippians 4:13
  I had two main criteria when I searched for a low priced foreclosure: old trees on the property and at least 1,500 sq. ft. of living area.

 This property was listed at $22,500.00 for the lot, electric pole and septic tank. The 2,000 sq. ft. manufactured home on the lot was considered a health hazard
because of the mold and the rotten roof. I loved the feel it projected from the pictures, so I drove 110 miles to take a look at the property.
 As it turned out, the pictures had been taken a year prior. By the time I went to see it, some of the neighbors turned the yard into garbage dumpster.

 When I stepped into the home, the moldy smell was so strong, I was barely able to walk from one end to the other before rushing out the door.  However,
while thanking the agent for his time, telling him I could not consider the place, I felt God pressing on me to take another look. I paused as I was walking
down the steps wondering, "Could THIS be the place He has in mind for me?"

 I told the agent I had changed my mind and would like to take another look.  Back inside, I  could see, unfolding before my eyes, what the place could

 Since I had $15.000.00 on a credit card, I made an offer for that amount. If they accepted my offer, I was to know the place was meant to be mine.

 On the morning my agent submitted the offer, the bank lowered the price to $15,000.00. We closed 30 days later without having an inspection.

 When the electric company came to turn the electricity on, I was surprised to hear the central air conditioning turn on and start to cool down the place. The
water heater was also working. I was amazed, when I first saw them in place, as the property had been vacant for over a year. I was surprised they had not
been stolen or removed by the owners.  In all foreclosed properties I had walked through previously, even in higher income areas, that had been the case.

 After seeing them working, I felt assured once again, that God had been watching over the place and only allowed it to deteriorate what He knew I would be
able to deal with.

 On the other hand, the roof was about 40% rotten. I hired a company to do the job as it had to be replaced fast because the rain was getting inside.

 About three months later, God confirmed to me again that I moved into the place He wanted me to live.

 I was, one day, chatting over the fence with my neighbor.  As it turned out, the previous owners were forced to evacuate due to the foreclosure. They
stripped off the metal roof leaving the holes exposed. In addition to that, a large branch fell on the roof during a storm and caused further damage to the roof.

 My property was first listed for sale at $100,000.00. Because the home was deteriorating with each passing month, the bank kept lowering the price. When
it reached a low $30,000.00, my neighbor made a $22,000.00 offer.

 His offer was accepted. However, the bank was not able to find the title of the property. After three months of waiting, my neighbor requested his down
payment back and the deal fell through.

 I understood immediately why things worked the way they did. I told my neighbor the bank was not able to find the title because God had the place for me
in mind. However, I honestly think it also worked best for my neighbors.  Neither him, nor his wife are handy and this property would have been a burden on

 It hasn't been picnic for me either. But God has my will. With His help and guidance I can do everything He wants me to.

 Throughout this project, regardless of where my mind was wandering, I was prompted to take pictures. I figured God was wanting me to publish them to
inspire people to work towards what they would like to achieve and not pity themselves for lacking what others have. I thought God was wanting me to show
people that all it takes is will, effort and prayer for skills. If I, a woman of fair ability could do it, then anybody could.

 However, two days ago I finished sorting out the pictures of the Tamarac project. I shared the link with my Facebook friends (most are Papillon breeders).

 I got only twelve visits! It confused me. It made me wonder why do I share my photos on a public website? It is not something easy to do. It feels like your
privacy is being invaded.

 Until 2010 I made no mention publicly that I do remodeling labor myself. Most people assumed I was just a decorator. Partially, I was embarrassed about
performing masculine tasks. In Tamarac I lived in a Country Club Community. All the ladies were immaculate, having their hair and nails done, playing golf,
going out to dinner and such. I always had dust and/or paint on my clothes and was working from morning to night. I felt I was looked down on by them.

 I was also asked by some of my closest friends why was I working like a man instead of living like a woman. But I never liked living the way I do. At all. I just
wanted a beautiful house and a car paid off. I figured I would be able, afterwards, to also live like a woman.

 In 2010, I was painted in different colors by certain people. That hurt worse than being embarrassed for performing masculine tasks. It motivated me to
come forward with some of my actual projects that I shared with a select group of Facebook friends.

 Many of them started to also share their own projects, while others were starting on projects. It made me realize it was a healthy inspiration. There was
nothing to be ashamed of. Through that light, every time I was reminded to take pictures of my actual projects, I had the impression I was doing it to inspire
other people. I was fine with it because I saw it to be something good.

 However, after getting only twelve hits on my last link and only one comment, I was left puzzled. I would love so much to stay away from the world and my
website feels like an open door right into my life.

 I took my dilemma via emails to my closest friend. I needed to understand why I was made to take photos and was there a reason to continue my website?

 This morning, while brushing my teeth, God answered me. He wants me to publish my projects for more than one reason. Most importantly, because He will
have me speak publicly at one point (I don't know when or how). He will tell me the words and will speak through me. His messages will have more weight if
people are able to get visual glimpses of my life. That is what He is asking of me; to come forward with certain areas of my life. He tells me He will bring
everything else to light Himself. He also tells me much more. Things I do not dare write. I do hope very much they will come to pass because many people
would be blessed.

 Until then, I will keep doing every day what He moves me to do. For as long as it is something good or something that could only work for good reasons, I
know I am doing His will.

 I will upload the pages one at a time. Whatever the reason, I hope you see something good in my projects. God bless!
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