I ordered professional grade leather cleaner/deglazer, stain and top coat.
Below the first cushioned is deglazed and stained with a new coat.
The final result with the wood portion also re-finished.
Even though the leather top coat was supposed to also hydrate, I had to purchase an extra heavy leather conditioner and to
soak all the leather in for a couple of days in a row until it stopped absorbing it.
Most visitors assumed I bought them new or from a mansion. Not really.

Looking at the picture it occurs to me that the painting has a very similar story.... Frame cut in two, corners broken, insert
found on clearance at Ross... The coffee tables bought at a garage sale for $40 I think.
Finished archway, wider and about two feet taller.  
It opened up the space so beautifully!
With the Paps fabric sofas were a lost battle as they were impossible to maintain clean. The leather sofas set below I purchased at a yard
sale for $70. The cushions looked disgusting and the wood all chipped but I tried to focus on what they could become.