Initially these were two bedrooms. In this photo the dividing wall between the two bedrooms had been demolished.
The first bedroom I planned to make my master bedroom. The second bedroom I decided to convert into a "walk-in
closet" divided by my bedroom only by an archway with columns on each side.
The left side - AFTER
The left side - BEFORE
The right side of the closet. I have yet to refinish the mirror and sew a cushion on the sit-on cabinet in the middle.
Both closet units finished. I also faux-finished the walls and sewed drapes. On the floor I still have plywood.
The flooring in the house I plan to do only after I finish everything else throughout the house.
After the flooring I plan to install columns under all the archways. God willing.
It took me two weeks to build all the columns, the additional cabinets, soffits, make
and install doors, shoe racks, decorate both closet units with crown, corbels, etc.
At this point everything was ready for primer, top coat and glaze.

(The straight orange "line" at the base of the ceiling is light coming from behind the
crown moulding). I also finished the dividing arch and a similar dropped ceiling
(larger) in the master bedroom. The crown moulding in the master I installed lower.
Behind the crown I installed rope lighting which I connected to an additional dimmer.
I took measurements for all additional pieces and I made a trip to Home Depot. I bought a few 4' x 8' sheets
and I had Home Depot cut them to sizes.
The side and the front lower decorative trim, along with the legs of the drawer chest, I cut off, and I installed all the
bookshelves. I planned to build columns on each side of every bookshelf, a cabinet on top of the drawer chest for hangers,
a soffit on top of the entire unit, then cut and install doors, and dress the entire unit with corbels and mouldings.
I covered the two side windows because I wanted closet units on both walls, facing each other.
I plastered all the walls, I installed crown moulding and I made a small dropped ceiling. Originally these
bedrooms had no ceiling light fixtures. I pulled electric from the outlets into the ceiling and I installed dimmers.

Since I had no shop, I bought a drawer chest from a garage sale for $30.00 and a few bookshelves from WalMart
to save me some of the labor.
That was a happy day! I found this ultra soft, barely used, king size mattress on Craigslist for $150.00 with
delivery. No more sleeping on air mattress from that day on!
I called an old friend from south Florida to help me cut the wall and install sliding doors because I wanted to
have view of the back yard.
Close-up of the future walk-in closet. The front solid wall was facing the back yard.
Painting the unit.
Through goods and bads (more bads than goods), and still always wanting to be right where mommy is.