Originally there were two windows in place of the sliding doors and the siding was gray. The view is towards the front
street. I decided to enclose the front lot with a solid fence to have privacy and a play yard for my doggies. Also to
install sliding doors and a doggie door. The sliding doors have been put in place by a friend.
The stairs in the picture below I moved from the main entrance since I was using the back door.
I would like to eventually fully remove all the siding and replace it with hardy board, then do concrete texture throughout. The
stairs would also get fully boxed in and concrete textured. However, that is something I plan to do it at the very end IF God still
doesn't have other plans for my life.
I found this photo of the original windows and siding color.
All the lumber installed.
A couple of months later I was finally able to put some priorities aside and to start building a small porch. My first
porch ever. I didn't want to take too much space from the yard, so I planned it just wide enough to be comfortable.
A larger porch I planed to build on the opposite side of the bedroom, facing the back yard. God willing!
For this porch I dug ten, two feet deep, holes and I buried all the posts in concrete.