I bought a used, basic wall unit for $50.00. Originally the unit had no mid upper cabinet, just a header resting on the two
side cabinets. But it fit my space perfectly and I would have made changes anyway. I needed four cabinet compartments for
my girls to sleep at night or when I was not home. I also wanted a built-in electric fireplace. I decided to build the fireplace
box and mantel on top of the cabinets so I could watch it from my bed.

All the new, extra material cut to size and ready to get built.
A partial before picture of the wall.
The stone in the fireplace box installed and the entire unit in base coat.
The unit rebuilt and decorated. I also pulled electric for the fireplace and I installed a switch for the cabinets light fixtures.
The middle of the doors I cut off because I needed to install mesh for the air to circulate inside the
cabinets when my pups would be in, sleeping.
The stone broke, but the pieces could by glued back together. With a razor blade I a removed the glue residue off the doors. Yes, it's much easier to
cut new doors but I was stretching every dollar.
Originally the doors had a stone like texture on the front. I decided to carefully remove the stone texture and use it to
decorate the fireplace box.
This is a temporary after picture of the unit. I also moved the door frame further to the right, installed new doors, I
removed the existing trim, plastered and faux-finished the walls and installed new crow moulding.