This is the original vanity. The cabinet was made out of particle board. I planned to completely re-do the front
and the sides out of wood and to also change the set up from three doors to two doors and two drawers.
All the light fixtures I bought at about 75% discount from Lowes. Some of the models they discontinued and others they decided to make
available only for special order. The timing was perfect. I filled my car with beautiful light fixtures for the entire house.
The addition glued and gun nailed. The white patches are from the caulking
I used to cover the nail holes. It didn't bother me as I planned to refinish
the entire frame.
This mirror I purchased with $30.00 but the frame looked too thin.
I decided to add to the frame a border I removed from the original shower.
Finished countertop.
I first sanded the laminate finish with a large grit sand paper so the thinset could
adhere to the surface, then I laid travertine tiles on top.

The onyx vessel sinks I purchased for only $75.00 each (I bought three of them). They
were discounted after being refused by the customers for having a few fillers.
Personally I can barely tell the fillers and do not bother me.

This sink I decided to install as a drop-in sink instead of a vessel so I could easier
wash my pups if they only had an accident.  
The original countertop and sink.
Finished vanity. I didn't like how the glaze turned out and ended doing a crackle finish.
It didn't bother me to use different types of wood as I planned to paint it in a solid color and glaze.
I was excited about finally having drawers!
I started by replacing the sides, then I rebuilt the front. It is now much more sturdier and no longer subject to get damaged by water.
Close-up vanity after.
Close-up vanity before.