My heart evolves around God, around people-when it is within my power to lift up a broken spirit or to help in some way,
and around the weaker inhabitants of the earth.
On this page I will share a few photos/snapshots, and possibly a few stories, about some of the animals and birds that
God brought into my path.

In the picture below I am holding Chloe. Chloe is loved and cherished by two very special people;
Lillian and Shannon Rodgers.
Captured below is a beautiful afternoon, in 2010,  horse riding with my adoptive pet home Yasmine. Yasmine attended a wedding in Orlando
and came to visit us afterwards. On her way over here she spotted the farm and I was up to the challenge. Initially I had fear of horses after
listening to the story of a woman who had been kicked and injured severely by her horse, when I was a child.
Even though my first love will always be Muddy, the chemistry between me and Sheik was just as
I had a difficult time leaving him behind...
Canoeing on the scenic Rainbow river. Having had my sweet darling Juno with me made the ride perfect.
Feeding a young squirrel I found as a tiny baby with his two siblings, starving, in a shop vacuum hose.
With Nicole and her baby Siela. A wonderful mother and person.
Picture taken by Nicole's husband, Ronnie.
Enjoying another breezy afternoon horse ridding, in 2013, with Marinella, Ollie's adoptive mom. Marinella came to spend a
weekend with me and the Paps while her husband was attending a business meeting in Orlando.
The connection I felt with Muddy, my horse, was fascinating. I felt I could read her thoughts and she could read
mine.  Not falling in love with her was inevitable. I was even more moved when she came towards me when her
owner first attempted to call her back into the trailer. That is how the horses captured my heart forever!
Thank you Yasmine for such a beautiful and unforgettable experience!
With Juno and his mom, Neola, feeding seagulls.
My darlings warming up my heart.
Running freely..... It felt like we were owning the beach......
A very special and dear dove I adopted afterwards. Half the patio was located in front of the
master bedroom. His basket was hanging under the facia in front of the bedroom sliding
doors. Every evening, as soon as he saw the bedroom lights turning on, he would start cooing
until I would bring him in. Then, for about 10 -15 minutes he would enjoy being petted while
preening me back, laying flat on my chest with his wings wide open and his eyes closed.
Some of the sweetest memories I experienced in this life.
He was also very protective of me and jealous of my doggie Spirit whom he used to chase
away from me by bowing and cooing in front of him and jumping towards him trying to nip
him. Spirit, who otherwise was convinced he was a lion trapped in a doggie body, had
great respect for my dovie's dominance and always tried to hide behind me for shelter.

One day it occurred to me to run away from Spirit to see how they would sort out their
ground. The person who witnessed the scene confessed he wasn't sure what was more
hilarious; a dove chasing a doggie who was running after me for protection, or a fully
grown woman running back and forward from one end of the room to the other.

In spite of the heavy tasks remodeling, my pets provided me with unforgettable memories
that I will cherish forever.

Below my angel doggie Spirit was enjoying some bread crumbles with my doves.
Below I stepped onto the patio to take a break and enjoy a snack in my doves' company. As
always, ever since I tamed them, they landed on me, curious to check what I was eating.

"Ooops, somebody is slipping!"
"Now that he gave up and flew on a perch, you can have my piece of....chicken.... I suppose..."
As odd as it might sound, that is exactly what I was attempting to eat. Initially I taught them to eat seeds
from my lap. Afterwards they assumed they could also have whatever food I was eating myself...
"My hair and...... my meal!"
Having said that, nowadays I am vegan. Not for religious beliefs or health reasons. Nor I am, or will be, associated with an
organization. Besides no longer wanting to eat a creature who experiences the same feelings and desire to live as we do, my
decision is also an offering in prayer that animals and birds would not suffer so much pain when they are mistreated or killed by
In 2009 I became vegetarian but occasionally I still ate fish. Once I learned that fish also experience pain, I no longer ate any.

In 2012 I watched the trailer for the movie Earthlings, along with a few hidden camera recordings that captured the life of diary
cows. From that day on I stopped consuming diary as well.

The more cruel reality is being exposed, the more I long for the day promised by God when "The wolf shall dwell with the lamb,
the leopard shall lie down with the young goat, the calf and the young lion and the fatling together; And a little child shall lead
them. The cow and the bear shall graze; Their young ones shall lie down together; And the lion shall eat straw like the ox. They
shall not hurt nor destroy in all My holy mountain, for the earth shall be full of the knowledge of the Lord." (Isaiah 11:6-7, 9).

I serve a God Whose heart I love so very much!
Feeding the younger generation of ducks, hatched underneath my window (I'm never excited to see a
camera..... But I try)
Feeding the adult ducks in front of the second house I lived and remodeled in south Florida.
There were eighteen of them who made their home close by, underneath the large oaks near the
lake. The outside wall of the living room consisted mainly from glass panels. Every morning, as
soon as the ducks would see me stepping into the living room they would come running to tell
me through the glass panels how long the night it has been and how hungry it left them feeling.
This is a Celebes Quail Dove born without feet I adopted from California. I made
her shoes out of rubber and wrapped them around her feet with flexible tape.
Isn't she adorable? :) A very sweet and gentle bird.
Enjoying their company.
(I bought several same model dresses, very comfortable.....That explains why I wear them in most
pictures around the house)
A picture taken at the Animal Kingdom in Orlando. Love makes everything worth it.
This is how it all happened; I was driving towards the shop one morning. As I was exiting the highway, I saw him
puffed up in the middle lane of the road. The cars were passing over him but I could tell he was alive. He most
likely flew too low and got hit by a car, leaving him disoriented.

I pulled over and I waited until the upcoming cars stopped at the traffic light. I then ran quickly and I picked him
up. Once I made it home in the afternoon, I placed him into the bathroom.

He seemed to have been in perfect shape and even flew around the bathroom. The following day he was willing to
perch on my finger. I was in love and so tempted to keep him. However, knowing he previously enjoyed freedom
it felt very unfair to keep him confined, even in the enclosed, screened porch. I wanted a few pictures taken as
memories and afterwards I walked outside to release him.  
The first dove I have ever handled - a wild Ringneck Dove, also called Ringneck Turtle Dove.
To my delight he allowed me to get close and he perched on my finger.
Feeding raccoons at the edge of a wild habitat.
However, as soon as he began to fly, a hawk came out of nowhere and flew after him. The dove panicked and once he reached
the lake he suddenly dropped right into it. Immediately I started running towards the lake, screaming from the top of my lungs to
scare the hawk away. In the meanwhile the hawk landed on the shore. When he saw me getting near, he gave up on his prey and
took off.  
I brought the dove back inside and I called the Wild Life Care Center to inquire how I should safely release him. They told me
they release wild doves in groups, which provides them with more confidence. Therefore I took him to their Care Center.

Even though I have previously visited them with other injured wild life that crossed my paths, I have never been into their bird
sanctuary. After telling them that I bonded with my wild dove, they showed me their aviaries. One of them was filled with a few
dozens of doves born in captivity. They had been just brought into the rescue because their owner passed away and were
available for adoption.
That is how it started. I left from home with one dove and I ended returning with eight.  

At first they were all flighty but slowly they came closer and closer. In a matter of days they began to land on my lap, one by one.

The newly purchased house proved to be infested with black toxic mold underneath the wall paper and the labor was
overwhelming. However, the doves have been such a great blessing throughout the project! Every time I felt exhausted mentally
and/or physically, I only had to walk on the lanai. Their soothing company automatically had me detach from reality.
The info above summarizes briefly my stand and where my heart is concerning our weaker inhabitants of the earth.
If you'd like to visit other pages within my website I wish you an enjoyable time browsing.
An emotional day with my lovely Sella.
Sella now resides with my dearest friend Sheron.
Juno is in perfect sync with me; he feels everything I feel. If I miss him, he leaves whatever he does and comes to me without having to
call him....
Two pictures of Sella in Sheron's loving arms. <3