Written on January 30, 2016

In 2010 I was alone and I wanted to change my last name. I asked God; "Father, what name shall I pick?" The
Holy Spirit answered promptly;
Alone. I found it perfectly fit because I decided to stay alone. God was all I
had, I knew He would never fail me and to Him I wanted to give my all for whatever reasons He needs me in
this life.

The Holy Spirit impressed me further to look up the word
Alone in Hebrew. The translator gave me Levado.
Levado has been my legal name ever since.

For the following five years I have lived with the impression that my last name was the symbol of myself
giving my all to my Heavenly Father and for not dating anyone. However, early 2016 I received the biggest
gift I could have possibly ever received.

While talking on the phone with one of my cousins in Romania, I learned that my aunt, nowadays residing in
Israel, was there visiting. We resumed contact and among other things I shared with her that God had also lead
me to carry a Hebrew name;

She remained silent for a few moments, then she explained to me that the Hebrew for the feminine Alone is
, with the letter 'a' at the end. She explained further that the name Levado with the letter 'o' at the end,
is attributed to God because only He is blameless and perfect in all of His ways. He had full victory over all
sin, and only through Him we can also have redemption from sin.
Levado stands for divine perfection, a goal
to which all humanity should aspire.

When I realized what a special name God had lead me to carry, I was left staring at the wall with tears
streaming down my face. All these years I thought my last name was the symbol of giving my all to Him,
when in fact He wants to place…..His print on me. The analogy left me feeling so…. little.

On the spur of the moment I thought that maybe I should change the last letter but I felt from within the Holy
Spirit telling me firmly that my name shall stay unchanged.

My aunt seemed to have also felt my doubts as she said; "Do not change the last letter. Even though your
intention was to carry the feminine for Alone as your last name, God lead you to the name He wanted you to
carry. He would never allow a mistake such as this, especially when it comes to His Name."

As I type now the story behind my last name, the Holy Spirit takes me to a song I have written in 2008, two
years prior to changing my name . The song is called
In Your Image and reflects my prayer to be recreated in
God's Image

The relation between the song and my name now travels across as to strengthen my confidence that I carry the
name God appointed for me to carry. It also makes me realize that He has been planting the seeds and has been
calling me to carry this Name long before the name change became a necessity.….
In Your Image is a song the
Holy Spirit asked me to write one evening, during my prayer time. The song is a testimony I shared in several
churches throughout 2008-2009.

What lead me to writing
In Your Image specifically, was a strong desire to write my Heavenly Father a
different song on that day. I wrote down a few lyrics for a song I titled
You are my Love Song. However, the
lyrics left me feeling they might be too deep for many people to understand. The Holy Spirit speaks this
moment that they will surface at an appointed time. Then, during my bedtime prayer, the Holy Spirit
interrupted my words, asking me gently to write a song about what I was praying to Him. Immediately I
turned the lamp back on and I wrote
In Your Image. The lyrics are shared down below.

Before I share the lyrics, the Holy Spirit brings to my attention (for the 4th time) to emphasize that the song
should not be discerned by our human standards of right and wrong. For "
Every way of a man is right in their
own eyes. But the Lord ponders their heart." (
Proverbs 21:2). Or a lot worse, "There is a way that seems right to
a man, but its end is the end of death." (
Proverbs 16:25). One last Scripture, we should never "dare to classify or
compare ourselves with some who commend themselves. When they measure themselves by themselves and
compare themselves with themselves, they are not wise." (
2 Corinthians 10:1)

The Scriptures above are not shared to place burdens or judgment on somebody. Only as a tool for the song to
be discerned by Divine standards.

In Your Image

Why shall I sin another day
Why shall I stumble once again
I know You long to perfect me
For me You gave Your Everything.

Why shall I wrestle with my thoughts
Why shall I waste another day
I long for You to perfect me
Make me like You in every way.

   Re-mold me in Your image
   I yearn to only have Your thoughts
   Your love to overflow my heart
   Please mold me in Your image.

   Re-shape me in Your image
   I long to only speak Your words
   Your ways to be my only ways
My Father, shape me in Your image.

Your Word please write it on my heart
To be my light, my only guide
To shine through me ‘n the darkest night
Your Holy Name to glorify.

Cleanse me my God,  Oh make me whole
For You alone I want to breathe
I long after Your holiness
My All in all, my Everything.

   Re-mold me in Your image
   I yearn to only have Your thoughts
   Your love to overflow my heart
   Please mold me in Your image.        

   Re-shape me in Your image
   I long to only speak Your words
   Your ways to be my only ways
My Savior, shape me in Your image.

   Re-mold me in Your image
   I yearn to only have Your thoughts
   Your love to overflow my heart
   Please mold me in Your image.        

   Re-shape me in Your image
   I long to only speak Your words
   Your ways to be my only ways
My Spirit shape me in Your image

My God please shape me in Your image.

To further assure me that the Name has been His calling, the Holy Spirit now also brings to mind the
Scripture in
Romans 8:26 as to let me know that even my prayer which I put into lyrics, has been the Holy
Spirit interceding for me because my heart was willing;
"For we do not know what we should pray for as we
ought, but the Spirit Himself makes intercession for us with groanings which cannot be uttered."

Finally, I am also reminded about the melody of this particular song. It has been given to me two weeks after I
wrote the lyrics. I just started singing them in the car on my way home from church. The melody sounded
unusual but beautiful none the less. Once home I rushed inside to record it.

A while later, I met with my cousin, Gabriel Blotor - a graduate of the Conseravtoir of Music in France, to
create the instrumental for the song. When he heard the melody, he said that it sounded like a Jewish song.
Being totally unfamiliar with their style of music I asked him surprised, "Really?"  

As I am sharing the factors involved into this testimony, I can't help not to wonder why God seems to bring a
Jewish/Hebrew flavor in my life.

Having said that, the day He called me to put into lyrics my feelings towards Him for the very first time, I
Close to Your Heart, which is more of a jazzy ballad. Back then I prayed to be lead to sing/compose only
music that is pleasant to His ears and to have my own taste in music fully overwritten.
So far each one of my songs seem to have a different genre flavor. Which tells me that there is beauty
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