Because of lack of time, I will only advise at this time if you are purchasing one of my puppies, please get ready for the pup a bag of Taste
of the Wild, the Prairie formula. At this link you can fill in your zip code and it will give you the nearest store in your area that carries it:
Store Locator

       It is a grain free kibbles, and yet not too high in protein. It also gives firm poops.

       Diet is a very serious issue, at a later time I will share many more details and what consequences a wrong diet can have. Both, a poor diet
and too much zeal can cost your pups' health and even life.   

       Treats I only give my pups 100% beef rawhide, made and laboratory tested in US. This is another serious issue as most pet treats are made
in China. FDA issued a warning on November 18, 2011 about chicken jerky treats. Read the warning at this link:
FDA Warning     

       I personally also give my Paps human grade chicken hot dogs. I cut a package in small pieces, I add half a cup of water, and I bring everything
to a paste with the stick blender. I mix a little bit of the paste with the kibbles to make them taste better, and I refrigerate the rest in a closed container,
ready to use on the next meals.    

       Much more information, stories, etc, coming soon.
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