The stories I chose to share on this page are meant to encourage and provide a small insight in God's
powerful leading, when our human abilities fail.
Nico's Story
Ever since I learned about Nicobar pigeons I have been fascinated by their beauty. In 2006 I had the opportunity to acquire four of them. I provided them with a large aviary and
everything went smoothly for the first couple of months.

Then, one morning I found Nico laying motionless on the ground with a large wound on top of his head. He had been involved in a fight and lost.
At first I feared he had passed away but after a closer look I realized he was numb from pain. I quickly brought him inside, placed him on a heating pad set on low, and applied
antibiotic powder followed by antibiotic ointment.
As a side note, only ointment is recommended in cases such as this because the powder dries out the flesh. However, his tissue had been so severely damaged, it dried out anyway.
Nico's story is Father's answer to spare his life when all the odds were against him and he gave up the fight.
In spite of having his wound constantly covered with a thick layer of ointment, the tissue formed such a
thick scab that it forced his eyes closed. Fortunately he trusted in me and was I able to hand feed him.
After waiting for about a week on the scab to start falling, I decided to remove myself a
small portion to free his eyes. To my delight underneath was healed skin. Or so I thought.
After removing all the scab I realized that I was actually down to the skull!
In some areas, where the cartilage is thinner, I could almost see through! I became very
discouraged, couldn't understand why would God allow me to make such a drastic mistake.
View of the skull from the top. Wish the photo would have been clearer.
Realizing the slightest hit on top of his skull would have resulted in his death, I cushioned the inner top of the cage
with foam. His skull I kept moist with antibiotic ointment day and night.
Fearing some bacteria could make it to his brain I also put him on oral Baytril.
He cooperated for a while, until one morning I found him sitting puffed up in the corner of his cage with his head leaning
towards the side.
I quickly tried to hand feed him but he was barely responsive. I knew He was loosing the battle.
Deeply saddened I placed him back into his cage and ran into my bedroom to pray.
I told Father I will not get up from my knees until He granted me Nico's life. After about a half an hour of just crying on my
knees I felt the Holy Spirit telling me that my request has been granted. Since God notified me using an inner feeling, I
doubtfully got up and walked towards the kitchen to check on Nico, ready to run back on my knees and continue pleading for
his life.
However, to my joy, as soon as I stepped into the kitchen Nico opened his eyes, got on his feet, had a few sips of water, then
walked towards the seed dish and started eating!!!!

From there on, as I kept his skull moist with ointment it's been one of the most fascinating experiences to see tiny blood
vessels spreading on the skull, at first as thin as red pencil lines. Wish I had a better camera to have captured the process
more vividly. Below there are a few blood vessels by now starting to overlap each other. The flesh on the sides also started
spreading towards the center of the skull. The whitish spots on the top were still bare bone.
More blood vessels. Being exposed to air, even though I kept them greased constantly, some blood vessels would
dry out forming a thin scab. However, at a slower rate than the ones multiplying. I kept removing the thin scab
so I could keep hydrating the live vessels with ointment, carefully to not cause any bleeding. Bleeding would
have destroyed other vessels. Not that somebody taught me, I followed what I felt like doing instinctively. In
other words I followed Father's leading. "I will instruct you in teach you in the way you should go, I will guide
you with my eye upon you." (Psalm 32:8)
At this stage the entire skull was covered with a thin layer of flesh.
As the blood vessels formed the required amount of flesh in the front, they stopped
multiplying in that area. They kept multiplying only on the very top of the head
where they normally have more flesh to serve them as cushion.
More flesh building up on the top.
Also note how the pigment starts to fill in.
Flesh fully healed and the pigment keeping to spread in. At this point I moved him
back into the flight.
Another view from the top.
Shortly afterwards I have been forced to part with all of my doves and Nico also moved.
This is the last picture taken right before I placed him.

"What is impossible with men, is possible with God." (Luke 18:27)

I will see you home little warrior, where nothing will harm you or separate us ever again.