Debbie laughing at Juno's antiques, here turning towards the camera at my call.
Ollie had been a very sweet little puppy I would have loved to keep with me. When Marinella first emailed me I had a feeling God had different plans.
After loosing her beloved Poodle - Osku, Marinella decided to adopt a Papillon.

She sounded wonderful and her story so touching. Ironically, after visiting my website she told me she 'feared' I will not even get back to her. I actually
called her immediately after receiving her application :)

Marinella was born and raised in Finland. Her mother also bred Papillons for a number of years and she grew up with Papillons around her.

Living in Florida for the past ten years she checked a few Papillon websites, but having a certain type of Papillon in her mind, she ended contacting Vesa
Toivanen of Connection Papillons in Finland, deciding to import from her home country the Papillon of her dreams.  

Vesa on the other hand, to spare her from going through the importing process, told her he knows somebody in Florida whose Papillons she would love,
and gave her the address of my website. What a chain, how everything worked together. Marinella is not only the most wonderful mommy for Ollie and
Ollie such a sweet highlight of her and Juha's life, but we also share lots of things in common and we always have a fun, quality time when we get
together! Thank you Vesa once again, from all of us!

I receive dozens of pictures from Marinella. Even though I will not share them all (Ollie's page would turn into an electronic book if I would), his page is
still very lengthy, so I divided it into three pages.  At one point I told Marinella that I have more pictures of Ollie than I have of my pups all together.

Some of the photos received from Marinella will be also accompanied by her own comments in quotation marks.

Magnolise Classy Chammy
National, International Champion and Canine Good Citizen
Ollie immediately after being born.
Ollie 11 days old.
Ollie at 24 days old. His call name initially was Chammy, later changed to
Ollie by Marinella's husband.
Ollie at 2 1/2 months old sleeping in my pyjama while doing computer work.
I still thought he'll be my little Chammy at this point.
Ollie with his new mommy. Life is odd but Somebody always knows best.
Ollie riding in the car on his daddy's shoulders.
Posing sweetly for the camera.
Ollie made it in the magazine rack through one of the side holes of the rack.
It makes you realize what a tiny doggie is under all that fur.
Ollie is now entering the 'ugly-duckling' stage. Note the brown around his eyes is also turning black.
Soon he'll also start loosing his baby coat. His face markings are also starting to change.
Ollie in full 'ugly-duckling' stage. The head in this stage is elongated and he now has an obvious black mask around the eyes.
It is always interesting to see what stays and what changes but most often the dark pigment wins. Soon he will also loose most of
his puppy coat and his body proportions will show perfectly. I also included the story Marinella emailed me along with the picture.

"Today we all sat down on beach chairs and enjoyed the afternoon on our driveway. Ollie had a beef oxtail. He chewed it and
played with it - until a neighbor's dog started barking in a distance. Ollie got very worried about his treasure being stolen so he hid
it in various locations in our courtyard; behind the plant pots, under some plants etc. But he couldn't get peace of mind, so he kept
changing the hide place. Finally he dug a hole under some bushes and put his treasure there. He covered up everything perfectly,
even carried some mulch over it.
Shortly after that a doggie friend - Gracie, came over, and they played for a good while. In the middle of the game he had to go
check his hide a couple of times, sniffing the place furtively. As soon as Gracie left, he went back to his hide and dug his treasure up
again. (I had to wash it before letting him enjoy it...). I followed his doings the entire time and couldn't stop wondering how deep
those survival instincts are... and he's so smart. He's almost a wolf!!!!  :-)
Ollie running in the golf cart to take a few sips of water.
Waiting for him in the background is his best friend Gracie.
Ollie playing with a little girl from the neighborhood. By now he lost most of his puppy coat and the
adult coat is starting to fill in.  His nose (muzzle) at this point stops getting wider, unlike the chicks  
which get wider and wider, towards the final round head shape at around one year old.
Just a few strings of puppy coat left, having a fuzzy appearance.
Ollie at 6 months 1 week old. All the puppy coat is now gone. The adult coat is about 1-2 inches long. From
this point the Papillon only blossoms with each passing day (providing the coat and fringing are kept free of
tangles and the skin not subject to scratching. Fleas or frustration, can lead to scratching, scratching being the
number one coat and fringe destroyer. If your Papillon scratches and he is a happy pup, the cause is most likely
fleas (not allergy) even if you don't see any fleas. The saliva from a flea bite can itch for up to two weeks.
See my article about fleas under Care.
"Ollie dug lots of holes in the sand. Hiding ice cubes there was a success! Finding them again wasn't!
I awarded him with cookies :-) "
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