Magnolise Classy Chammy - Ollie
International, National CHampion & Canine Good Citizen
"Best friends."
"Sleepy moment on the back of the sofa."

"It's good to run after cooling down in Nancy's pool"

"We arrived at home in Finland! Everything went as well as possibly could have during the flight! Ollie was
perfect! He was quiet and very well behaved!!! I couldn't have hoped for a more obedient boy! <3
Picture taken by mom in her garden with jet lag and all  :)"
11 months old.
"Hello Ruxandra! Here are Ollie and Henni guarding my mom's property.
Who could *not* be scared of this view!!!"
"I LOVE his coat already!"
Ollie at 11 months and a week old.
"This picture was taken last Thursday just a couple hours after my husband arrived to Finland. You can tell by
his "jet lagged" face... :-D"
"Ollie in front of an old sauna building"

"A walk in the forest. Answering to his mom's call"

"A wonderful August. Ollie and a proud mommy at an outdoor party"
10 months old.
"In general, I'm not crazy about 'tong-pictures' of Papillons, but it was such a hot day so this is all we got... :-)
I took a picture of him in this exactly same place just 7 weeks ago.
Now he looks so much more mature! How nice to have all these pictures so I can compare!
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"As a teenager I had my room in this building. The other end of the building was for storage and firewood. I  
loved living there. At night I had one of the Papillons and a Collie with me to make sure that I felt safe. :-)"
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