Height: 10''
Owners: Dennis & Helen Yettaw
Breeder: Ruxandra Levado

Sire: BIS Caspian's Layout
Dame: Am Ch Zkarabi's Bon Soir - Neola
When I first saw pictures of Caspian's Layout -Taz (living in Sweden with Alexandra Baker) I fell in love with his head piece. Something I
would have loved to have in my breeding program. It doesn't always work out the way you want but it was worth trying. About six months
later I flew Emilie (Alexandra's daughter) with Taz in US for a week and I bred two of my girls to Taz.

I achieved what I specifically wanted in Ty but I also kept with me his sister Tiana. Ultimately I decided to place Ty on a co-ownership contract.
His new mom, Carole Fox, was willing to keep him intact for me in case I wanted to breed from him later on. I maintained the AKC registration in
my name since Carole had been interested in strictly a pet. During that time she had been living by herself and working from home and wanted a
well bred Papillon to keep her company and highlight her life. We kept in touch every now and then but since I moved a few months afterwards,
I was not follow up closely with Ty's maturing process.

This spring however, I received an email from Jo, the English mom of Tiago (Ty's litter mate). Jo came to vacation in US for a week. While
visiting a home in south Florida where she previously exported one of her own Papillons, she also met Ty. Ty was being pet sat in her own pet
home. What a real small world!!!

Jo emailed overly excited and told me show couldn't believe how beautiful he was, flowing in coat and fringing. Coming from the Nr 1 Papillon
breeder in UK and Nr 7 breeder of all breeds, I took it as a lovely compliment.

In the meanwhile, Carole had been called to work at the office. Having a certificate from her doctor stating that Ty is helping lower her high
blood pressure, she was allowed to be accompanied by him at the office.

However, the story made it to the president of the company who told Carole she could bring Ty with her as long as he doesn't create
disturbance in the office. Since the other employees were stopping by to greet Ty, Carole decided it would be best to leave him at home.
Working long hours, Ty's daily routine became napping from morning until evening. In the beginning Carole had a lady come over at lunch
but since Ty chose to keep napping instead of interacting with her, she stopped coming.

Ty came to stay with me temporarily a few months ago. He played and played and played and couldn't have enough playing, to the point of
wearing out all the Paps.

After sharing with Carole a few pictures of him radiating happiness, I received an email from her telling me her heart was torn, but she felt
Ty deserves to have a buddy to play with and a master able to spend more time at home. She told me she felt it was best for Ty if she left
him with me.

Ty is now living as cherished pet with his new parents Dennis & Helen Yettaw, and might perform with Helen in agility and rally.
Magnolise Ty
With Carole at her office at 15 months old.
Ty at 5 months 9 days old.
Ty at 2 months old.
Ty at 3 weeks old on the left, and 22 months old on the right.
Picture taken in my back yard early this month (Oct 2011).
Thank you Marinella for helping me take the picture.
Ty at one year old with Carole-his adoptive mom, and her lovely niece Isabella.
Ty at 3 weeks old on the left, and 22 months old on the right.