Weight: 5.5 lbs / 2.5 kg
Height: 9.25''
Owner/Breeder: Ruxandra Levado
Melody is a lion trapped in a little body. She is not hyper, she is actually quite mellow unless I play with her, but she can be very dominant
when trying to have me all to herself, to the point she puts down whoever comes close, and she is so strongly willed, when she means
business none tell her off. Juno is excluded from this scenario as everybody respects Juno and he never gives material to anyone to pick
on him for any reason. He studies all the circumstance and knows everyone, using other windows to achieve what he wants.

When describing Melody, of course, I describe who she is IF she could have it her way. At the same time, none ever fight her back, they
just go out of her way ignoring her, or wait on me to decide if she can get away or not. Whatever I say, is set in stone and we mind our

I balance Melody by the way I show her my affection. She is constantly in my company, they all are, but I cannot favor her. If I do, the
next moment she feels superior and acts like a vicious queen towards the others. Whenever I am affectionate towards her, I have to
change to a firmer note right in the end, in other words to remind her, her place. That often brings a smile to my face (Melody of course,
cannot know that) because the combination of her strong will and angelic looks is hilarious :) I love my baby girl!

Unlike her mom Raven, who jumps in everybody's lap, Melody is so obsessed with me, she doesn't see anything to the left or to the right.
Guests are attracted to her because she is so beautiful and she stays in their lap if she
has to, but only has eyes for me and at the
slightest window to 'escape', she is off.  

She is also very protective of our property, to the point I seldom take her in the back yard. My neighbor has six Basset Hounds; if she
hears them, the hair goes up on her spine and she takes it barking to the fence like a rocket. I have another yard in front of the house
which is fenced with a solid fence and doggie door access from my bedroom. That's where Melody goes if she feels like going outside.

All the above being said, she is very obedient. Regardless where her dominant personality takes her, when I say enough or whatever
the case is, I never have to tell her twice. She respects what I ask of her. Sometimes I only have to remind her (or the others) by
making a short 'ahem', and they are where they are supposed to be. I exclude from theses scenarios Chester and his two siblings, Juno
and Jasmine, when they are playing in the yard. My 'ahem' when they play would get carried away with the wind blowing through their
ear fringing, instead of making it into their ears. Them playing I can only bring to an end by taking (or giving my best to grab) the toy
away from them.  

Melody plays very sweetly when I play with her. So girlish! She doesn't get too involved when the trio mentioned above play, as they are
way too fast. She doesn't stand a chance to keep up with them. However, if she is lucky enough to get her mouth on their toy, is tough
luck for any of them to get it back from her. She doesn't play with it, she just has it and is now HERS!
Candid picture at close to 3 1/2 years old. Starting to grow new coat after having her first litter of puppies.
Magnolise Melody
She melts my heart.
Here I was sitting in bed, working on my laptop. Every so often Melody was popping her head out to remind
me how much she loves me. In the second photo hoping she could at least squeeze from me a kiss.
Melody at two months old
Pointed towards AKC Championship
Melody at 10 1/2 months old. Did I mention she is a big eater? In these photos she is in shape, but she is
the reason I had to put an end to free feeding. She started to look like a pillow with wings.
Going at the beach last year (2010) with my uncle. Her mom, Raven, on the left and Melody on the right.
The tip of the ear at the bottom belongs to Juno.
Melody at 12 days old. Note how much her blaze narrowed.
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