"Butterfly dream....My baby prince is having a nice morning nap, very likely dreaming about flying
through a sunset with a beautiful Papillon princess....  ;-)"

Ollie at 13 1/2 months old.
"Action shots + Outward Hound (look on Ollie's doggie swimming vest)"

"Ollie already had multiple play dates with Rico (a neighbor adopted a seven months old pup), sometimes together
with Gracie. It's so much fun to see those three playing together! The only downside is that Rico likes to pull
hair...hopefully this will stop when he gets older. Otherwise I'll become an owner of a bald Papillon.... 8-O

"We've been teaching Rico not to pull other dogs' hair. Now he's mostly just mouthing which is a big improvement.
We're observing their playing all the time. If they lived in the same household it would be much more difficult to
teach him because you can't always keep an eye on them in the house.

Ollie has been having a great time! Yesterday and the day before, many neighbors with their dogs gathered here in
our yard so Ollie had a play date with: Gracie, Rico, Willie (a Poodle mix) and Baxley (a Bichon). What a lucky boy
he is to have all these friends!
Here's a couple of pictures of Ollie and Rico. They are not quite beauty shots, they had so much fun... :-)"
Ollie at 12 1/2 months old
"Good morning Ruxandra! I'm packing here and helping mommy to make the bed. Yours, Ollie <3 "
"Teuvo-the-lizard disappeared again a couple of weeks before I left to Finland. This time I was sure he got killed... Funny you ask about him now because
today I looked out to our fish pond and - there he was!!!! Tail missing, half of his right arm gone and the right eye swollen shut. He looked S-A-D!
I gave him a little food which he ate, then he ran back into his cave and peeked out from there. I'm so sorry for the poor critter! Here's a picture of him for you.

When I was cleaning our fish pond I also saw something funny swimming with the gold fish - a baby turtle! Here's a picture of it, as well. Interesting how
these animals end up in our courtyard! :-)"
Magnolise Classy Chammy - Ollie
International, National Champion and Canine Good Citizen
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Ollie at 14 1/2 months old
"We had some friends visiting from Finland for a couple days and they left yesterday.
I just learned that 'Tomi' has been a dog handler for years. He started as a kid as junior handler and later traveled
from show to show around the world, including USA and South America.
He never showed Papillons but he fell in love with Ollie's personality, looks and the way he is prancing, and said
that he'd love to go in ring with Ollie in Finland whenever we happen to be there during dog shows. He's a busy
medical doctor nowadays and hasn't been in dog show business for about 10 years, so this would be just for fun
and for "old time's sake".
I told him about Ollie being mine as pet dog only, and that I'll never use him for breeding and he understands that.
He also knows Vesa Toivanen and some other breeders familiar to me in Finland. Small circles...
Here's a picture of Ollie and Tomi.
You can tell by the smile on his face that this guy loves little Ollie! :-)"

Everything went extremely well on the plane. Ollie basically slept through everything.

He is such a brave boy - my mom can't stop talking about how wonderful personality he has and "how amazingly
healthy and good nerves he has".  Beautiful inside and outside! I think that she's secretly hoping that some day
she could have one of Ruxandra's Papillons :-)

Ollie didn't react to snow anyhow :-O He acted just like he was born in it. He jumped in and struggled through even
the deepest parts without any hesitation. Lovely to see it!

Here is Ollie opening the path for the rest of us :-D
This is how Ollie survives here:
First I dress him up, then put him in a bag that's hanging on my front, inside the
jacket. When we are half way through our walk, Ollie "hatches" and walks home
with us. Otherwise the long walks would be too much for him. He'd totally freeze.

This picture was actually taken on our first day in Finland. The temperature was below -25 Fahrenheit degrees so
clothes were essential for a Florida boy! We first practiced using shoes only.  

As I had predicted, Ollie first made a big deal out of them. He refused to walk and I had to support him by holding my
hand under his belly and gently pushing him forward :-D Little by little he started walking. After five minutes he was
OK. Being a smart boy he must have realized that in those temperatures shoes are a great idea!!! :)

It brought some memories from Ollie's puppyhood in my mind :-D One of the first things after he moved with us I
taught him to wear a collar. I felt that an ultra thin flexible kitten collar would be easier for him for training purposes.
But as soon as I put the collar around his neck he started screaming, howling and running in circles! He sounded like
he was about to die!

I took the collar off right away and suddenly he was fine. Once I put the collar back he started screaming again like
something was trying to hurt him. Hmmmm.....

Only then I remembered how our late Papillons, years ago, did exactly the same thing: they used the screaming in
trying to CONTROL us!!! And it works very well, especially in public :-D They sense we are afraid that outsiders who
don't know what is really going on might think we are hurting them, and they use it against us!!! Papillons! Such tiny
dogs BUT how super smart! They reverse the situation easily and they train us to please them! :-D

But it didn't hold ;) Nowadays Ollie knows that screaming doesn't help and he doesn't use it against me anymore. He
had no choice but to accept the shoes right away ;-D The coat he accepted easily because he wore sweaters before.

Here is my little man ready for an "important international business mission" :-D