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Ollie - Magnolise Classy Chammy
International, National Champion & Canine Good Citizen
Ollie at 7 Months 4 days old.
"An update picture of our kids :) Aren't they adorable? <3"
"By the way: Teuvo-the-Lizzard is back!!! I was feeding our fish last week when he suddenly ran to me. I gave him food and he ended up sitting
on my palm. He's lovely! I'm very exited to having him back after 4 months. I guess that his disappearance might have something to do with
winter. The small lizards seem to stay year around but the bigger ones maybe go to hibernate when it gets cooler since they're not native in Florida.
Now I'm trying to make Teuvo trust that Ollie won't hurt him. (How can I be sure myself... 8-O) It would be nice to have them both hang out with
me at the same time. But let's be realistic and take Missy - the kitty, out of this picture... :-)"

"Ollie became CGC last week. He followed the great example of his brother Cruz, and passed the Canine Good Citizen test. :-) Staying sit for an exam
was a huge challenge for him, just like it was for Cruz! But he was sooo happy when the judge started brushing his lower back, it's his favorite spot! He
starter wagging his tail vigorously and wiggled and twisted his body in ecstasy and ended up about one foot away from the original spot, but KEPT HIS
BUTT DOWN against the floor!!!  :-D  ...and ONLY kissed the judge a couple of times... :-)

Everything else was a piece of cake for us and we got lots of praising from the judges. I told them the name of the dog trainer I worked in the previous
four years with our late Oscar. They knew her very well, and said it explains why my team work with Ollie is so good. It seems that I learned something
very good from my first trainer and I now passed it onto Ollie who now has such a good "attention" and we both have a very good eye contact.

He was a big star there (though the smallest attendant...) and I was so proud that I could have exploded :) Trying to look modest was very, very, very
difficult for me! :-D

I'm very happy with the current trainer as well, and we signed for a transitional class that starts in a couple of weeks :)"
Ollie at close to 8 months old.
"Ollie's cuteness. I honestly think I have NEVER seen a face more beautiful than this :-) "

"Getting more and more friendlier with Teuvo-the-lizard :) "

"Getting more and more friendlier with Teuvo. Today he sat on Juha's palm, as well.
I don't let Ollie to get too close yet. Maybe some day they'll be friends... :-)

"A water dog hanging out in intercoastal 'Munyon Island' of North Palm Beach."
"A little shopping before heading to the beach"

"Today I let him be A DOG. He ran like crazy around the yard with Gracie so I had to wet his hair to prevent a heat stroke. After that he
dug a big hole in the ground and made a HUGE mess. But he was soooooo into it and had a blast!
His hair is so easy! A little rinse and a walk to dry it and once again he's good to go! What a difference compared to a Poodles hair..."

                                                                                                                    (Marinella with Osku, her late Poodle).
Over 9 months old.
"After some serious running, Ollie now loves to stick his nose into the water cup in the golf cart to get ice
cubes. He's blowing bubbles so water doesn't get in his nostrils. Soooo cute!"
May 15, 2011   
"Mom is visiting us and Ollie is really making her vacation perfect!
Here is mom, Ollie and a watermellon :) "             

"Ollie has so much fun playing with a little boy."
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